Tension. It is present within our world. We desire comfort, peace, and rest, but are often met with pain, confusion, and toil. Often, to overcome the burdens that we face, we reflect on moments of tenderness, tranquility, and ease that come from our past. Reflecting on memories of yore, we long to go back. Some call this nostalgia, but I identify it as faith for we cannot go backwards. We can only go forward. It has been said, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”  The precious memories from our past are sweet glimpses of what is to come. It is through faith that I have this hope.

I explore the concept above through the creation of objects, forms, and materials drawn from architectural and domestic spaces.  Preconceived ideas of comfort and stability are questioned through opposing form and material juxtaposition. The raw materiality of aged and reclaimed wood in union with raw and unrefined ceramics and concrete hearken back to days of old; memories of childhood.  The multiple and repetitive processes displayed, communicate a sense of order and expectancy that tempt a feeling of comfort.  Yet, upon closer inspection, situations that seem to have gone awry are apparent.  Ceramic doors, depicted as bricks, are unable to be opened, grid-like scaffolding is constructed in a temporary and tenuous fashion, and pillows are cast in concrete. Noise. Noise. Noise!

Be still. Listen. Observe pearls and well-crafted wooden structures nestled in harsh concrete pillows, fragile eggs in a tattered quilt, and a small seed-like pod perched in chaotic structures made from remnants of dilapidated homes. Faith grows. Quiet and still moments. That is where hope is found.

 Primary materials used: Clay, ceramic, wood, steel, concrete, found objects.

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Study – A studio shot, 2016