Artist, Do-Ho Suh has said, “For me, making art is a by-product of life.  I don’t think I make art for just art’s sake.  It’s a product or residue of my way of thinking and my belief system…”  Like Suh my sculpture is inspired by life experiences and how a Biblical understanding of the world helps me grapple with the brokenness that I continue to see in humanity and the world at large. I explore ideas of brokenness versus wholeness and instability versus stability visually by juxtaposing opposite forms, materials, and settings with one another.  I seek to generate a discussion about continual conflict between truth and falsity that we see within ourselves – the desire for something beyond what we are capable of understanding.  Yet, a state of wholeness for which we continue to seek.

 Primary materials used: Clay, ceramic, wood, steel, concrete, found objects.

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Ward Curriculum Vitae


Study – A studio shot, 2016