The Weight of Glory

Photo Credits: Annemarie Furlong



Megan Paige Ward

May 2017

Chair: Nan Smith

Major: Art


As humans build structures, we find that at any moment the things that we have created have the possibility of failing.  Whether through time, age, or faulty construction, manmade structures as well as human relationships – are inevitably temporary.  Yet, we continue to build them. Human beings naturally seek stability as well as security and purpose in life. These are most often sought through the home, family relationships, friendships, and establishing a successful career. We often place our life’s purpose within the structures and relationships that we create.  In my life journey, I have also sought security in the external structures mentioned above.  It has been through my internal search, however, that I have found a treasure where complete rest, peace, and permanent security are offered.  But, even still, I continue to seek and to build.

In The Weight of Glory, I use bricks made from ground soil, ceramic materials, concrete, and wood to make a sculptural installation that depicts my own personal search and finding of permanent security.  The work stimulates thought and discussion about this universal trait that humanity over the course of history has shared – the insatiable longing for a permanent sense of security and meaning beyond what we are capable of understanding.



You may read my complete thesis paper here:

Megan Paige Ward Project in Lieu of Thesis Paper